I  n  f  o

Chloe Alexandra is a documentary photographer based in Wales, United Kingdom.




and Long term-projects. 

 Available for assignments/ commissons.


E d u c a t i o n

2015 - 2018

BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at UWTSD, Swansea College of Art


E x h i b i t i o n s

  • October 2017 Photography on a Postcard, The Print Space, London.
  • August 2017 ESPY Photo Award Exhibition, Grand Theatre, Swansea.
  • July 2017 Swap Shop, The Print Space, London
  • May 2017 DYSTOPIA, Swansea
  • Feb 2017 Commonalitÿ , Swansea
  • Nov 2016 U T O P I A Collaborative Site Specific Exhibition, Swansea
  • Nov 2016 ‘Common Nocturne’ Exhibition, Swansea
  • Jan 2016 1st Year , Swansea

O t h e r

October 2017 - Shortlisted for the Photography on a postcard exhibition by Art On a Postcard, in The Print Space, London

August 2017  - Shortlisted for the ESPY Photo Award (People's Prize), by Elysium Gallery . 

July 2017      - Shortlisted in the 2017 'Swap Shop' (Print Swapping Project) by Magnum Photos and The Print Space.




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